There is the fact, for example, that self-insured health plans, in the main, control costs no better than fully insured health plans. Most of us, industry insiders included, have simply assumed that the opposite is true. On the face of it, self-insured plans have every advantage, an argument health benefit consultant enthusiastically embrace when urging their employer clients to move to self-funding. Plan sponsors can avoid the costs of state-mandated benefits. They can define their benefit designs and, to a large extent, designate which providers their enrollees will use, and which vendors will manage complex processes.

There are only a few Administrators focused on managing clinical and financial risk and even fewer brokers capable of doing the same. Advanced Benefit Design Institute utilizes powerful technology providing the needed intelligence to manage your entire healthcare supply chain.

Advanced Benefit Design Institute is a premier healthcare consultant, identifying and eliminating wasteful spending; Identifying the root of healthcare need of your members; Recommending tactics for employers to integrate in your healthcare benefits that result in better clinical and financial outcomes. Providing measured, evidence-based results? 


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