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Group Health Plan Consulting & Actuarial Support Services

Learn about Advanced Benefit Design Institute, a leading healthcare actuarial consulting firm specializing in product pricing, cost containment, model building, data analysis, underwritting, strategic planning and business strategy

(Partnering opportunity for Group Health Brokerages, Benefit Consulting Firms, TPA's, and Benefit Professionals)

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  • The Best Level Funded
    Self-Insured Deliverable

    Real strategy to reduce the number, size and frequency of claims of your company! Read More
  • Reference Based Pricing
    with Auditing Service

    Providing claim review and auditing services (Audit Program) to self-funded health plans (Plans) for Out of Network Claims or for Plans that have determined to not use a Network for access to medical services at hospitals to pay those claims. Read More
  • 100% Transparent

    A fee-only PBM model and no additional margin gained from favorable tier placement on high-cost/revenue drugs. Read More
  • Best Claim Processing
    with ACA Compliance

    A technology company that specializes in providing outsourced administrative solutions to payers. Our primary objective is to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability for all of our clients. Read More
  • Best Eligibility
    Enrollment & Admin

    Don't struggle with enrollment HRIS and benefits administration or managing your incentives. Let our automation perform these HR time-consuming tasks for you. Read More
  • Technology to Identify Gaps in Care

    Eliminating Gaps in Care will flatten renewals, improve productivity and reduce Disability and Worker's Comp Claims.
  • Tool to Calculate Bad Behavior Spending

    Delivering Financial Wellness Tools that lead to True Health to Wealth Solutions. Improves engagement and medical illiteracy. Nation's only behavior modification illustration tool. Read More
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